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Share Your Story

One of the easiest ways to raise awareness is sharing how lung disease has impacted your life. Whether you live with asthma, have watched a loved one fight cancer, or care for a family member living with COPD, your story could inspire others to speak to their doctor sooner or take up lung-healthy habits. 

Other ways to support Catch Your Breath® and Respiratory Health Association are listed below. 

Host An Event or Fundraiser

Hosting a fundraiser can be as simple as using the Facebook donate function or as engaging as organizing a community event. From fun runs to bake sales, if you care about supporting women's lung health in your community, contact Respiratory Health Association's Special Events team for ideas and support. 

You can also participate in one of RHA's upcoming special events

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Support Lung Disease Research

Despite impacting millions of Americans, there are currently no cures for asthma, COPD, lung cancer or many other respiratory diseases. Research is the key to unlocking new treatments, and eventually cures, so we can achieve a future free of lung disease. 

Give a gift to support lung disease research awards. 

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